Mobile Site Design

Designing a site with mobile in mind is more important than ever.

Lots has changed with mobile site design in the last couple of years. Back around 2009 when mobile started becoming popular, mobile users struggled when viewing “desktop” websites on their small smartphone screens. This led to many business having to build a separate “mobile site” and even keep special scripts updated to help detect mobile phone users, which were in turn directed to their mobile site instead. Many companies even paid hundreds of dollars a year, just to keep up on the latest phone models. Soon after, tablets came along and a new trend started… Responsive design.

Responsive Design
I build on Bootstrap and other other responsive design platforms so your site automatically optimizes for any size screen. If you squeeze your browser narrower on this site, you’ll see how it adjusts as needed, even switching over to mobile-friendly mobile menus when it becomes too narrow to use the regular menu. I include responsive design with every site I build for no extra cost. There’s no longer a need to maintain two different sites.